Friday, 29 April 2016

Genetic Control - Suburban Life

  From Montreal, Genetic Control are a Canadian hardcore punk band who were originally together between 1983-86 (they got back together in 1998). They released a 4 track ep, First Impressions, on Generic Records in 1984. There was also a song, Suburban Life, included on a Psyche-Industry Records compilation, Primitive Air Raid Montreal '84. A 26 track album entitled Brave New World was released in 2005 by Sinik's Chicken Shrimp. It featured the ep plus live material.

  Influenced by the likes of Minor Threat and Bad Brains, they originally featured members from a couple of bands, guitarist Rob Porter and drummer Mike Brisebois from Drunken Disturbance and bassist Douglas Crevier, guitarist Rob Huppee & vocalist Mike Price from Out Of Step. There's been several line up changes down the years though as far as I'm aware Price, Huppee and Crevier still feature alongside Lewis Levesque (drums) and Bobby Casino (guitar).

  Their best song, this is Suburban Life.....

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