Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Prozacs - A Little Something

  Today I'm saying a big welcome back to Westfield, Massachusetts' favourite sons, The Prozacs.

  It looked as though they could have been consigned to the annals of punk rock history when they went their separate ways a couple of years back. Since then, frontman J Prozac has released a successful solo album and he's also been a member of a couple of other great bands, Stiletto Bomb and Doubtfire. The good news though is that they're back. Alongside Jay are Matty Prozac (drums/backing vocals), Nic Cross (guitar/backing vocals) and Paul Basile (bass).

  Later this year there's going to be a new album, but first up they're releasing a 7 track ep on Outloud! Records called A Little Something. You can pre order it here :

  Featured below is the title track and it's a bit of a departure for Jay as rather than writing about personal experiences this time round he's written a song about one of the greatest tv shows ever, Fringe. The song is based around the pilot episode where Olivia goes into the mind of her dying partner and discovers he was lying to her.

  Also to come on here will be an interview with Jay which is shaping up very nicely.

  This is A Little Something.......

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