Friday, 19 February 2016

The Anderson Stingrays (Feat. Richie Ramone) - Summerville Beach



  I'm currently sat at my pc contemplating adding another addition to the growing number of great songs already posted on this blog (I've just noticed today's update will be number 800) and I'm looking out of the window at a clear blue sky and a blazing sun. I'm almost tempted to shut the pc down and head off to the beach and to be honest, I quite possibly would do that but even though it's sunny outside, I'm in the north west of England and it's too bloody cold!

  But having had thoughts of the beach enter my mind, I've decided that today we're going to have something summery on Just Some Punk Songs so without further rambling on, this is a song that's inspired by all those great 60's classics about having fun in the sun and if that wasn't enough it even features one of The Ramones.

  The Anderson Stingrays are from Rochester, New York and have been combining rock n roll, partying at the beach and sci fi since 2010. You've possibly already worked out that they take their name from the vintage Gerry Anderson tv series and you won't be surprised to learn that musically they're influenced by The Ramones, 50's style rock n roll and 60's garage rock. You can check them out on Bandcamp :

  The song you'll find below was a single from last year and features Aaron Stingray (vocals, guitar), Matthew Mischief (bass) and Richie Ramone (drums). It's a snappy, fuzzed up burst of fun so why not hitch a ride to Summerville Beach.....

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