Monday, 29 February 2016

Enemies Of Promise - Democracy

  Is it my imagination or are there a growing number of great bands springing up to voice their discontent about the current political landscape, both at home and abroad. There's always these types of band around but there seems to be a proliferation at the moment. I suppose a hypocritical and austere Tory government, the threat of an idiot taking over The White House plus concerns over refugees, terrorism and dick waving superpowers provides plenty of grist for socially concious folk to sink their teeth into.

  Today's update features 2 men and a beatbox from Wolverhampton, England. Enemies Of Promise are a politically charged melodic punk band influenced by the likes of Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, The Three Johns and The Skids. Those 2 men are Ade Bailey (guitar/vocals) and Rob Shinfield (bass/vocals) and they released their debut album last year. A follow up to the ep/mini album Please Enjoy Your Punk Rock Responsibly, it's called Heroes And Villains and it's been posted for your listening pleasure here :

  It's a great shame that despite the growing number of great bands, there still seems to be no coverage in the mainstream media so if you come across music you like (either here, elsewhere online or even better on a street corner in your hometown), spread the word. Post their music. Share their links. Keep the momentum growing. A fucked up world deserves a suitably scathing soundtrack.

  Featuring an intro by the late Tony Benn, this is Democracy....

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