Sunday, 27 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Mark Simpson

   "We met when we were in school..." sang Mick Jones back in 1978. Coincidentally, that will have probably been the year that I met Mark Simpson when we both went to Lancaster Royal Grammar School. I can't claim we've been best mates ever since as we had different social circles but I often bumped into Simmo at gigs around town. I'm pretty sure he'd be at a gig every night given the option (or more accurately, several gigs a night as he tends to wander around between pubs taking in as much live music as he can).

  In recent years he's taken to giving up his time to put on shows around the Lancaster area featuring local talent and acts from further afield. He recently put on his 51st Birthday Bash which featured over a dozen bands and raised £750 for the Lancashire Flood Recovery Fund. He's a top bloke, the sort of music enthusiast that helps keep the local scene going and I'm sure he's very much appreciated by a large number of people.

  These are his favourite songs of 2015 (or as near to 2015 as not to matter). Cheers Mucker.......

 1)  Spizz Energi - City Of Eyes

 2)  The Media Whores - Affluenza

 3) Xtract - We Build Your Dirty Machines

 4)  Killing Joke - I Am The Virus

 5)  The Muffwigs - Teenage Asbo

 6)  Dischord - Killing Christ

 7)  Super Fast Girlie Show - Roller Derby (Stole My Baby)

 8)  Riggots - Mental Skeleton

 9)  Healthy Junkies - Hypocrite (I Hate You)

10)  CSOD - Out Of Control

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