Saturday, 26 December 2015

Top 10 of 2015 chosen by Dmitriy Onikov (The Dumbheads)

   More great tunes from 2015 today, this time courtesy of a top 10 from Dmitriy Onikov. Dmitriy is guitarist with The Dumbheads, an old school pop punk band from Belgorod, Russia. You can pick up their music "name your price" here :

  Yet again, there's some great tracks in this selection. Thanks Dmitriy......

1) Spoilers - Stay Afloat

Spoilers came out of nowhere (at least, on my radar). I knew absolutely nothing about this 4-piece from Kent, and that was the sweetest part of it. Not anticipating much I was knocked down. I guess that "Stay Afloat" from the eponymous EP is a song that any punk rocker can relate to. We're all rocking our boats trying to stay afloat!

2) Teenage Bottlerocket - They Called Me Steve
"They Called Me Steve" would have been my top song if it wasn't the Spoilers track. I've been very much in love with TBR since "Total" and they never seem to fail me. With every album they deliver that indefectible pop song that sticks just right in your head. Well, "They Called Me Steve" is just what I've been looking for.

3) Atlas Losing Grip - Closure
Well, this one is a break-up song, something that everyone has stories about. And Rodrigo from Atlas Losing Grip sure knows the way how to put it into words. Without being cheesy "Closure" is a beautifully tragic and mournful grand finale of love. Just listen to it, it's magic.

4) Sinners & Saints - When We Were Young
I'm really glad that Rob Lind is finally back (albeit to varying degrees). Though this comeback might not size up to my expectations since Blood for Blood are unlikely to record anything in the foreseeable future due to the notorious events, I'm kind of astonished that Rob decided to bring Sinners & Saints to life. Without any exaggeration this is one of my fav US bands and I'm truly happy that something is to come up.

5) Good Riddance - Grace and Virtue
Back to basics, part I. Isn't that classic 90s Fat Wreck/Epitaph sound and songwriting what we've been longing for? Fast, sincere and melodic, Peace In Our Times is a pure reminiscence of that epoch.

6) Millencolin - Something I Would Die For
Back to basics, part II. Yet another great band that I grew up on. Luckily NOT fulfilling my worst expectations (on the contrary, they exceeded I ever wanted from them) Millencolin have aged perfectly. Oh, and I'm still in love with pompous song titles.

7) Strung Out - Nowheresville
Back to basics, part III. "Nowheresville" heavily hits the nostalgia nerve with the late 90s repercussion. It's simply a showcase of everything I love about this band - amazing guitar work, powerful vocals and great complicated verses/choruses.

8) Free – Vow
I've never been into Have Heart, considered them a bit overrated (comparing to Clear or Sweet Jesus also featuring ex-HH Pat Flynn) and never understood why they'd been so big. But dude, I won't lie how I feel about Free. Their demo is just mind blowing. Nuff said.

9) Violent Reaction - Marching On
I do love all those bands out there that have that slightly distorted guitar sound more resembling an oi! band than an actual hardcore outfit. Violent Reaction is one of those. I suggest everyone pay close attention to these lads because instead of being a revision of cloying 80s hardcore they indeed sound fresh.

10)  Homesick - Ненависть O.C.
These are my mates from Odessa city, Ukraine. I’m grateful that despite political and social differences in the upper echelons of power and unfortunately among the common people we’re still friends and appeal to reason. Anyway, that is not the point. This song is just a fuck you to those blaming everyone for his/her problems and giving up their own responsibility. Yeah, I think that’s cool =).

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