Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Ashley Colman

  Last week I posted Ashley Colman's all time top 10 and mentioned that his favourite songs of 2015 would follow shortly, well here they are. Thanks Ashley, in the words of Lux Interior, you've got good taste.....

 1)  Slow Faction - Under Heavy manners
These are the real deal. Impassioned, poignant and insightful lyricist Johnno is for sure, not forgetting a Clash laden. Good thing in 2015? Them record hacks will be storming the gates for a 500 pressing of this masterpiece.

  2)  Benefit Cheats - BNP Bingo
 Lovely song to cheer the most hardened punk up, whilst the tune is a real ballsy 77 type affair, love it.

3)  The Regressives - Problems
 Moving on from the Stockyard Stoics and the 241er's, this is a back to roots blast of punk adrenalin. After checking out this bands other marvellous songs, the other aforementioned bands are well worth a few minutes of your time.

 4)  The Aerosol Burns - Afraid Of The Phone
Early punk rock sounding bliss, one of those rarities that get's better with every listen.

 5)  Pardon Us - Stinking Rich
Taking over the mantle of the Down and Outs legacy, Morgan takes over the singing and guitaring duties for this newish punk rock group. It's lovely to say fuck off to people who thoroughly deserve it oncein a while. this song rejoices in it.

 6)  Angelic Upstarts - Don't Give an Inch
40 years on and still relevant? Like hell they are, what an album. Interesting subject matter, and some nifty guitar work make this my fave of a brilliant album.

 7)  Pedagree Strum - No way
remaining defiant in a world of conformity, and conservatism.

 8)  Basement Benders - Native Tongues
The reviews generally keep stating punky excellence! I'll go along with that.

 9)  Stay Clean Jolene - The Last man On Earth
These can do no wrong in my humble opinion, I've got to catch them live next year. Gruff punk at it's best LOL!

10)  Radiohearts - Lot To Learn
Brings to mind the Reducers and early Carpettes, therefore it's a winner by any stretch of the imagination.

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