Thursday, 3 December 2015

The 'Tone - Pauline


  A catchy as hell tribute to The Selecter's Pauline Black today from The 'Tone. It came out in 1998 on the I Know It's Alright ep on Rugger Bugger Records. Featuring on the ep were Dan Bernstein (vocals/guitar), Bob Butler (bass/vocals), Ben Corrigan (guitar/vocals), Paul Ayriss (drums/vocals) and Dave "Fingers" Eve (organ). Other bands the members played in include Schwartzeneggar, Thatcher On Acid and Hard Skin.

  The band mixed elements of ska, mod and punk and released a couple of albums (Wide Eyes & Nonsense... Grinding Gum And Molars (1999) and Here's Another Reason... To Believe In Rock 'n' Roll (2001)). The Wide Eyes.... album was a collection of the best songs from their early singles and splits. You can listen to Here's Another Reason here :

  A nostalgic walk down memory lane, this is Pauline.....


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