Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Rude Boys - Rudeboy shuffle

  Hailing from Cardiff, The Oppressed are a Welsh anti fascist/anti racist skinhead/oi punk band that formed in 1981 and are still going strong today. Back in 1989, three members of The Oppressed, Roddy Moreno (guitar/vocals), Dominic Moreno (bass) and Adrian Moreno (drums), joined forces with Duncan Kieth (alto sax), Ahmed Taher (vocals) and Richard McCarthy (tenor sax) and under the name The Rude Boys, released The Rudeboy Shuffle ep. On Ska' Records (SKAT 002), it was a 12" and contained 4 great songs (Rockin' At Gingers, Ska Fever (part 2), Blue Beat Baby and Rude Boy Shuffle).

  In 2000, Step-1 Music released a compilation album of the band's music called Ska Fever : Original Skinhead Reggae. As well as the tracks from the ep it also included the original version of Ska Fever, an instrumental cover of George Gershwin's Summertime as well as Bartender, Rudegirl and Drugwar.

  From the ep (if you want to get hold of a copy it's been re released on the excellent Fight To Live label : this is the title track, Rudeboy Shuffle.....

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