Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Dead Milkmen - If The Kids Could Git Together

  The Dead Milkmen formed way back in the early 80's in Philadelphia and lined up with Rodney Anonymous (vocals/keyboards), Joe Jack Talcum (guitar/vocals), Dave Blood (bass) and Dean Clean (drums). Their back catalogue is a treasure trove of off kilter, humorous delights, some of their best songs being Stuart, Punk Rock Girl, Bitchin' Camaro  and Taking Retards To The Zoo.

  They split in 1995, reunited in 2004 to play a couple of shows following the death of Dave Blood, and then got back together full time in 2008 with Dan Stevens taking over on bass. 2011 saw their first new album in 16 years, The King In Yellow, whilst last year they followed it up with Pretty Music For Pretty Special People.

  Their most recent release is a split ep with Flag Of Democracy which you can check out here :

  Sham 69 once wished the kids were united, the dead milkmen echo these sentiments, this is If The Kids Could Git Together.....

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