Thursday, 10 December 2015

Snob - Quit Your Job

   If you've enjoyed some of the hard hitting female fronted London bands that have been posted on here (I'm talking about Frau and Good Throb) then you'll love today's update. London based, hard hitting and featuring Good Throb's Ellie, Snob are a band that are being bombarded with superlatives from pretty much everyone who reviews them. With good cause too, so far they've released a couple of ferociously delightful eps and have had a track on the Another Subculture 2 benefit tape. You can snap up all of those here :

  Aside from Ellie (guitar), the band also features Fran (vocals), John (bass) and Ollie (drums). The recent second ep, another of the many new releases to be made to sound so great by Red Dons' Daniel Husayn at the North London Bomb Factory, features the song you'll find below.

  This is Quit Your Job.....

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