Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Senseless Things - Too Much Kissing

  Going back in time today to an era when "punk was dead" in the UK. Or at least that's what the mainstream music press would have you believe. Instead we had the indie scene, much of which was made up of a load of kids influenced by punk playing 3 chord songs that weren't a million miles removed from their spiky haired forebears. "Punk's dead" they told us, but it wasn't, it had just gone in a number of different directions.

  So by the end of the 80's, there was a decent sized movement of guitar bands that were never going to trouble the top end of the proper charts in the way that Madonna or Michael Jackson were doing (unless they teamed up with Vic Reeves!) but who would sell a respectable amount of records, garner plenty of favourable column inches and attract large numbers of fans to their gigs. Many of us grew up with record collections graced by the likes of The Wedding Present, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Primitives, The Wonder Stuff, The Smiths, Ride, Jesus And Mary Chain, Mega City Four, My Bloody Valentine, Elastica, Pop Will Eat Itself,  Sleeper etc etc etc. All bands that were fawned over by those who decided what was cool and what wasn't but all who would have either not existed or been very different without that punk influence.

  One of the best songs from this period was by The Senseless Things. From Twickenham, London, they formed in 1986, and over the course of the next 20 years or so released 4 studio albums and numerous singles. Their best known line up consisted of Mark Keds (guitar/vocals), Ben Harding (guitar/vocals), Morgan Nicholls (bass) and Cass Browne (drums).

  Most of you will remember this song, it was a single in 1989, on Way Cool Records and also featured on their debut album, Postcard C.V. Not punk, but as near as dammit, this is Too Much Kissing......

get the time now
Oh noe don

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