Monday, 7 December 2015

Bad Zeppelin - Bullet (in my head)


  Today's update features a really great fuzzy/power pop song by Bad Zeppelin which came out around 18 months ago but which I've only just come across.

  The brainchild of Dylan Bowden, Bad Zeppelin are from Toronto and as far as I'm aware their only release is the Drugged Out And Dreamy ep. Dylan writes all the songs and whilst the band is currently pretty much just a recording project at the moment with members coming and going, Dylan's "gearing up to make some more moves in the coming year."

  The ep was recorded by fellow Canadian Marvelous Mark (Dylan plays guitar for Marvelous Mark live), it's on M.A.R.K. Records and you can check it out here :

  Early next year we can expect to see a new ep called Bad Songs which is something I'm looking forward to hearing. In the meantime, here's the lead track from Drugged Out And Dreamy, it's called Bullet (In My Head)......

Well there's no use in going out, 
can't paint over a pretty face.
I'm picking up the pieces, 
it's never enough. 
I can't shake this feeling.
Will this be the last night I go spinning. 
I put another bullet in my head, 
the moment's long gone but I can't get enough.
I can't shake this feeling.
So don't say again 
because I'm falling into pieces.
Put another bullet in my head
I'm leaving.

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