Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Topsy Turvy's - Like A Living Dead

  An upbeat new melodic punk tune from the south west of France today. Topsy Turvy's are from Poitiers and have been together since 2008. Featuring both male and female vocals and employing a strong d.i.y. ethos they've played around 200 shows all over Europe and released 3 albums and 2 split ep's.

  The first of those albums was 2011's Fall In Love With An Alien Girl (the combination of punk rock and sci fi is always a winner with me). The following year saw them put out You Better Believe It, You're In which featured 8 more tracks of feel good pop punk (I'm just listening to the title track as I type this and I'm being reminded a little of one of my favourite bands of this type, The Bat Bites). 2013 brought us the split ep's, one with Sidewalk (from Holland) and the other with another French band called Johk.

  Today's song is taken from their latest release, a 6 track mini album called I Expect Nothing And I'm Still Let Down. You can check it out, along with their other releases here :

  Lining up Noemie (bass/vocals), Dam's (guitar/vocals), Crusty Bat (guitar/vocals) and Cyp (drums), it's a comfort that even whilst the world seems to get more fucked up every day there's still people out there making great music that'll brighten up your day.

  I'm currently working my way through their back catalogue, I'd recommend you guys do the same. Maybe you could start with the new video for Like A Living Dead......


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