Friday, 6 November 2015

Radiohearts - Lot To Learn

  What's the point of this Blog?

  Basically it's just a bunch of songs with a couple of short introductory paragraphs saying who they're by and pointing you in the direction of the band's music. If you're lucky you might even get the lyrics. What you don't get is a well written, insightful review of the song as I don't think I could manage to write proper reviews without becoming boring or repetitive. If you want a great review of today's song, try Kevin McGovern's Fear And Loathing Blog  :

  Hopefully the strength of this Blog is the quality of the music. Hopefully it's a place where you can come to check out a song by a band you like and whilst you're here discover a load of other bands that you might have otherwise missed. Please click on a few that you haven't heard of, there's some great songs that deserve your attention.

  And now back to the tried and trusted formulaic band intro.......

  Radiohearts got together in 2012 and hark back to those halcyon days of the late 70's where bands like The Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello, The Boys etc were firing out a succession of killer singles like it was the easiest thing in the world. As you'll appreciate though, you've got to have a rare talent to produce music that good. Many have tried to match those classic cuts and many have failed. Today, I think we have a song that would have graced that period.

  Featuring Ed Stuart (guitar/vocals), Mike Yager (bass), Tony Ferralez (guitar), and Jason Cordero (drums), the band have just released their 3rd record. Called Lot To Learn, it's a 4 track ep, it's on the wonderful No Front Teeth label and you can check it out (along with debut single No Reaction and the Nothing At All ep) here :

  This is the title track, Lot To Learn. A proper review would tell you why it's so good, it'd mention the great guitar sounds and the catchy chorus. It'd tell you the singer nails it and how the simple yet effective backing vocals compliment things without being too intrusive. It ain't a proper review though so as always, just click play and enjoy......

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