Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vista Blue - If He Hits One Here

  I've got to be honest, I've never properly watched a baseball game, being from England it's probably unsurprising that cricket is my favourite game involving bats and balls. Having said that, I must declare that some of my favourite songs from 2015 have been baseball themed.

  Step forward Vista Blue. The power pop outfit from New Orleans have featured on this blog several times this year and I make no apologies for including them again. They've just released the third part of their 2015 baseball trilogy, it's the Take Me Out ep and it's a celebration of the World Series. They're fans of The Cubs so even though in my ignorance I haven't got a clue about that team I'll hop on board and shout Go Cubs!

  The ep is available "name your price" on Bandcamp (if I were you I'd snap up all three releases, they're all great)....... https://wearevistablue.bandcamp.com/album/take-me-out

  As seems to be the case with anything Vista Blue record, the songs are heavy on melody and hooks and are catchy as hell. This is the lead track from the new ep, If He Hits One Here.......

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