Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Ills - Hands Of The Ripper

  Just when the award for best punk album of 2015 by a band featuring a saxaphone was about to be engraved with the words Downtown Boys, along comes the new album by The Ills and the judges are called back to reconsider their verdicts.

  Featuring on this blog in March of last year with a "1 minute blast of fuck you" (http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/the-ills-1-2-3-hate-u.html), The Ills still feature the vocals of Erika Ebola, the guitar of Danny Dysentery, that wonderful sax of Stella Salmonella, the bass of Molly Marburg and drums courtesy of Tommy Tinnitus but this time round they're augmented by cat noises from Gabby.

  The new album is called Fuck This Planet, it's on No Front Teeth Records (as so many great new releases seem to be) and it's really rather wonderful. Go check it out ......... http://theillsrock.bandcamp.com/album/fuck-this-planet

  One of my favourite songs of the year, this is Hands Of The Ripper....

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