Thursday, 15 October 2015

Jabronis - I Don't Wanna Listen To The Radio

"you know we gotta change that dial
those songs don't got no style
they don't play rock n roll
they're making me feel so cold....."

  Jabronis are from Portland, Oregon and they were formed in 2011 as a Ramones worshipping side project by members of The Anxieties (

  A couple of demos paved the way for their debut album, On The Ropes (2012) and this was followed a year later by lp number 2, Hit The Road.

  Currently they line up thus; Tony Jabroni (vocals), Joey Jabroni (guitar), GG Jabroni (drums) and Angelo Jabroni (bass). They've just released a new album called Change The Dial and like their previous records you can check it out "name your price" here :

  They aren't reinventing the wheel but they are putting out some fun music. If Ramones influenced bands are something you like then you'll love these guys. From the new album, this is I Don't Wanna Listen To The Radio......

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