Sunday, 16 August 2015

Supercharger - Take a Hint

Take A Hint
Oh Baby Won't You Take A Hint
And Get Lost.... 

   I first heard Supercharger back in 1993 when the late, great Radio 1 dj John Peel played a song by them called Way Out. The next day I rushed out and bought their Goes Way Out! album, and what a great purchase it proved to be. Raw, garage punk at it's finest and an album everyone should own. Unfortunately they didn't stay together too long after this, imploding after a European tour with The Mummies (though the members of the band went on to make plenty more killer music with the likes of The Rip Offs, The Bobbyteens, The Brentwoods, The Zodiac Killers, The Infections etc).

  Featuring Greg Lowery (bass/vocals), Darin Raeffelli (guitar/vocals) and Karen Singletary (drums/vocals), they formed in San Francisco in 1991 and despite still learning to play pretty much immediately released their self titled debut album (on their own Radio X label). A handful of great singles followed : Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo, Icepick, Rev It Up, Don't Mess Me Up.....

  Rough and ready production, primitive but infectious songs, Supercharger were one hell of a rock n roll band. Lowery went on to release many classic records on his Rip Off Records label whilst Raeffelli found success as a producer and songwriter for The Donnas.

  Several of the songs on Goes Way Out! (You Irritate Me, Buzz Off, Bailin' Out, Get Out Of My House...) seem to follow a theme of discontentment, a theme that was also touched upon on the Rev It Up ep on the song that I've selected to post today. This is Take A Hint.....

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