Friday, 14 August 2015

Anti-Pasti - Another Dead Soldier

  It's been a while since I posted something from way back so without further ado here's a classic from 1981.

  Anti-Pasti were from Derby and formed in 1978. The first record of theirs I bought was 1980's Four Sore Points ep which included their classic song No Government. That track also appeared on their debut album, The Last Call, which was a belter and also featured amongst it's aural delights the song that I've posted below (as did the Let Them Free ep).

  A second album, The Last Call, came out in 1982 and there were a few singles but they split in 1984 after one line up change too many.

  A brief reunion in 1995 saw them tour the UK and Europe but it wasn't until 2012 and the lure of an appearance at the Rebellion Festival that they had a more permanent reunion (though even this time around they nearly called it a day when their singer quit causing the cancellation of a US tour).

  Currently lining up with Gez Addictive (vocals), Ollie Hoon (guitar/vocals), Ben Hanson (bass/vocals) and Kevin Nixon (drums), they're still railing against life's injustices and a new album is on the horizon. Until then, this is one of their best songs, Another Dead Soldier......

Another Dead Soldier
Lying In The Street
Another Dead Soldier
Lying In The Street
He Stares At The People
As He Walks On His Beat

Corporal 123
That's The End Of You 

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