Thursday, 7 May 2015

Dry Heaves - Rip Off

  A song today by a band that I mentioned in passing last month (

  Dry Heaves are from Sheffield and announced themselves with a demo in 2011.  Taking their name from a track by D.R.I., they play a type of hardcore punk that's inspired by the likes of D.I.  Angry Samoans and Circle Jerks. Several 7"'s (Loose Tongues, Medicated Youth, Gi'ore, Killers In Uniform/Monotony) have paved the way for the release of debut album, Slim Pickings, which came out on Viral Age and Adult Crash Records earlier this year.

  Featuring some of the best tracks from the last couple of singles and adding new material that comfortably matches the standard set by those releases, this is going to be in the running when the "best of" 2015 lists are being compiled.

  Not easy to pick just one song when the album is this good but I'm going with Rip Off........

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