Monday, 25 May 2015

12 Gauge Pinup - Movin' Away

"I don't hear a single thing when you talk talk talk, talk to me......"

  Someone who's always been a good friend to this blog and who's never shied away from contributing when asked is Kevin Patrick McGovern. Kevin has previously featured herein several times, both with his bands The Prostitutes ( and The Inversions ( and when he kindly contributed lists of his all time top 10 songs and his top 10 of 2014.... (  (

  He's a top bloke and he's been responsible for some kick ass music down the years so you can imagine my excitement a few weeks back when he sent me the rough mixes of some new tracks. He said he had a new L.A. based band called 12 Gauge Pinup and that the following week they were going back into the studio to incorporate a saxophone into the mix. Much as I wanted to add one of the rough mixes to the blog I decided to hold fire and wait for the finished article. And today, here it is....

  Kevin McGovern of The Prostitutes returns with his first proper band after 5 years of writing and reckless behaviour. Joined by legendary Vegas drummer Joe Mascolino and famed saxophonist Dale Behringer, dark and twisted rock sounds are deconstructed. Acclaimed filmmaker and LA musician Greg Carson plays bass whilst also acting as their audio engineer. A wrong turn into NYC punk and late '60s avant garde garage is the formula.

  There's a heady brew of influences that have shaped the sound of this release, including the likes of  Johnny Cash, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Johnny Thunders and The Circle Jerks. With a sound that's firmly ensconced in the dark underbelly of punk rock, you can check out the Grind ep (and Kevin's earlier work) here :

  This is Movin' Away.......

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