Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Steal - Wonderstuff

  A song today from a band that were one of Britain's best hardcore punk combos.

  The Steal hailed from Kingston Upon Thames and Brighton and came together in 2005 sharing a love of bands such as Minor Threat, Kid Dynamite and 7 Seconds. Featuring Mark Pavey, Dave House, Richard Phoenix and Lindsay Corstophine, they released 2 superb albums (2006's self titled debut was followed in 2008 by Bright Grey) and splits with Beat Express and Set Your Goals.

  They split in 2009 after a farewell hometown gig supporting Paint It Black at The Peel in Kingston but happily this led to the formation of two great bands, Pacer and Sauna Youth (both of whom have featured in this blog).

  Dave House has also continued producing solo material and you can check that out, along with everything released by The Steal and Pacer here : 

  Whilst at work last night I somehow ended up in a conversation about the audiences at Chicago hardcore punk shows. It followed on from an essay written by Kreutzer Sonata bassist Kat Schrapler, the sentiments of which I think The Steal would have heartily agreed. The essay is here : and to tie in with it, this is The Steal - Wonderstuff.....

The date and time are noted,
The flyers on my wall.
I couldn't be more excited,
I'm just waiting for that call
From my friends to pick me up outside,
so we can go to the show.
we're going to have fun tonight there,
even if there's no-one we know.

To these friends I haven't met yet,
These songs I've not yet sung.

On the way there we're singing every song we know,
Talking about failed romances,
whose done what & who said so.
I could never have thought that on that night
Just dancing on my own,
It'd change my whole life,
to what I do & who I know.

To these friends I haven't met yet,
To these songs I've not yet sung.
I didn't know it could take you this far,
I don't want to stop now, (So hurry up!)
There's still so much to be done.

If you're standing at the back - and you don't want to know
If you don't want to clap - are your hands to cold?
If you think you're too old - You're never too old!
remember why you came here, instead of staying home! 

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