Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Absentees - Tryin' to mess with me

An classic oldie today.....

  Forming in 1978, The Absentee Concept shortened their name to The Absentees in 1981 and released a couple hundred copies of their only single which you can listen to below. This went on to become one of the most highly sought after Californian punk records ever. They split in 1983 but got back together again in the 90's due to renewed interest following their inclusion on the Killed By Death #7 album.

  In 2007, their vocalist, Rocco Roll, was found guilty of attempted murder and attempted manslaughter after shooting at three Long Beach Police Department SWAT officers. He was sentenced to 55 years to life.

  The name of their single is Tryin' To Mess With Me and you can get an mp3 of it from this page advertising a compilation of all their stuff called Illegal Listening Device 1979-2000 :

  If you haven't yet heard it, you'll enjoy this.......

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