Saturday, 18 April 2015

Detergents - No Salvation

  Here's a banging tune that will hopefully be new to most of you from a Sheffield trio called Detergents who consist of Dot Cotton (vocals/guitar), Twenny Pence (bass) and Sos Roll (drums). It's possible that those weren't the names they were given at birth. Having featured in bands such as Dry Heaves (, Obstruct and Skiplickers their sound is described as a mix of '77 snotty punk and '82 UK hardcore. However you'd pigeonhole them one thing's for certain, they rock.

  February 2014 saw them announce themselves with a 4 track demo. You can get it here :

  6 months later they followed it up with the No Salvation 7", the title track of which I've posted below (and which you can also snap up free on bandcamp :

  Recorded in Sheffield by Ben Hunter and released jointly on Semtex Death and Dublin's Art For The Blind Records it was mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory so you know it's gonna sound a million dollars. Enjoy.....

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