Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Daily Ritual - Desperation in a Police State

 Yesterday's update was by a band from Russia, today's is from Singapore. Featuring members of Vaarallinen and Snaggletooth, Daily Ritual line up thus : Izzad (guitars/vocals), Hafiz (guitars), Thaib (guitars), Ifran (bass) and Hood (drums). They're an anarcho-garage punk outfit that remind me a lot of Red Dons. 2014 saw their first release, a 4 track demo, as well as a 7" entitled Depressed State. Both of those are available along with a 2 track taster from their forthcoming debut album on their bandcamp.... 

  Already making a name for themselves in Asia I'm sure they'll soon be well known worldwide. This is one of the new songs, it's called Desperation In A Police State......

Attention please!
This is a police state
We hold your passports
Your access to freedom
You take your pledge
You take whatever you need but your freedom stays right here with me

Attention people!
Here's a space for your mind
You can say what you want
You can say what you want but my father hates your worthless opinions
So hide them away or I will make you pay

Desperation in a police state
They just won't let you run away
Desperation in a police state
Desperation, Desperation

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