Monday, 30 March 2015

x = - Nuclear Boy

  Searching the net looking for music that I can post has led to the discovery of some great songs and bands that I'd previously not heard of before. Usually I can manage to find at least a little information on even the most obscure of these but not today.

  The band or solo artist or whatever goes by the name x =

  The song is called Nuclear Boy and is a cover of an old power pop tune by a band called 20/20. The original was released in 1981 on their Look Out album, this version was uploaded onto Soundcloud around a month ago so I'm marking it down as a 2015 release.

  As I write this I discover that x = is "an ongoing punk hardcore/post punk influenced music project based out of the middle of PA." There also appears to be a few more tracks so if you want to check them out head over here.... 

  Anyway, this is Nuclear Boy and it's a killer.......

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