Friday, 9 January 2015

The Economic Decline - Police Volvo

  Living as I do in the UK, if you were to listen to the radio, watch tv or check out the charts you'd be forgiven for thinking that punk music was something that was popular in the 70's before it pretty much died out, it's memory kept alive by a bunch of grey haired, pot bellied old bands making a meagre living playing their 35 year old songs for an audience of grandads and grannies who pogo rather less energetically than they once did. Scratch below the surface though and whilst you might not find a scene as big as it was back in the days of The Pistols and The Clash you will find what appears to be a growing number of excellent and very promising new bands that are releasing some wonderful records, many as good as most of what the class of '77 churned out. Many have already featured on this blog (far too many to quickly mention but ranging from Frau, through the likes of The Gaggers, Cyanide Pills and Pacer and onto the more melodic sounds of Martha or the post punk stylings of Primetime), yesterday it was England's The Suburban Homes with a tremendous ep and today it's the turn of Wales' The Economic Decline. The UK scene is on an upturn, find some new favourite bands to cherish.

  From Corris Uchaf (which is a village to the south of the Snowdonia National Park in Gwyned), The Economic Decline feature members with names such as Ben Rigamortis Rigby, Russ Railway, Clive The Butcher and Ed Art. They released a 6 track ep in 2013 called The Economic Decline Of Great Britain and followed it up in 2014 with an album called New Rebellion, Old Values, it can be found here : 

  Recently we were treated to a single on No Front Teeth Records (who one of the reasons for the improving health of the punk scene in Blighty) The lead track, Police Volvo, features sirens and blue flashing lights, beware those unmarked cars guys, they're out to get you......


  1. Great track, looking forward to seeing you guys live very soon..x

  2. Love the choon chaps, great attitude.