Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Dimestore Haloes - Saturday's Heroes

Today sees a classic song from "Notorious punk rock n roll weirdos from Boston, Mass that are equal parts The Replacements, Slade and The Clash."

  The Dimestore Haloes were in existence between 1995 and 2003 during which time they released several killer records (click the link for more details :, played plenty of great live shows and garnered some very positive press. Unfortunately mega stardom never came a knocking but the people who did get to discover them still no doubt have their name high up on their lists of greatest ever bands. Despite splitting up over 10 years ago, Singer/guitarist Chaz Matthews has still been pretty active. 2005 saw his American Graceless solo album whilst more recently he's been part of The Cheap Cassettes alongside Kevin Parkhurst ( and he's put out a surf rock record as part of Thee Imperial Royales (

  Originally on the Pelado Records compilation 3 Minute Heroes, this is a track that could easily have been recorded in late 70's England and it would have stood up well to the very best of that eras songs. This is Saturday's Heroes.....

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