Friday, 2 January 2015

The Cistems - Lets Spend Our Night

As there's been a hell of a lot of new visitors to this blog over the last couple of days since the 2014 top 30 list went up, lets try to keep all those new readers by posting something that everyone knows and loves. Actually, bollox to that, here's some obscure Japanese bubblegum powerpop! Thanks to Alberto Vei for putting this band on my radar, I love them.
  Unfortunately I know very little about them other than that they're a black leather jacket wearing foursome from Utsonomiya (which is the capital and most populous city of Tochiga  Prefecture, Japan). The line up comprises of BeeBee (guitar, vocals), KJ Monmon (guitar, vocals), O-Zeki 613xx (bass, vocals) and Monda-C (drums, vocals), having said this, all the photos I've seen of them seem to show them as a 3 piece so I'm not sure if all the members were together at the same time!. They released a debut mini lp called CCC and followed it up a few months later with another, this one called Toy Box. As far as I'm aware, their debut full length, called Lollipop and released on Underground Government records, was their last release (O-Zeki 613xx joined Telephone Sisters (who recently released a split ep with The Cry!), whilst the other 3 stayed together as Kingons). The album's full of feel good, life affirming pop punk of a style that The Ramones might have produced if they had come from that part of the world. Today's song however comes from their debut and it's called Let's Spend Our Night. It's wonderful.....

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