Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Catalogs - Another Girl

Sometimes you've just got to leave her behind............

A band today who were from Honolulu, Hawaii who list amongst their influences The Queers and so must have been pretty happy when their idols decided to do a cover of the song I'm posting today.

 The Catalogues, "Hawaii's first pop punk band" began life in 1993 with the aim of putting out lots of records and touring. They failed to achieve this but they did spend a pretty productive day together when they recorded, mixed and mastered a demo which they titled Viva Los Muertos! They also managed to get a 5 track ep released on Mutant Pop Records. The band went their separate ways in 1998, singer/guitarist Les Hernandez is currently with horror punk band The Quintessentials.

This is the song that attracted the attention of The Queers, it was covered on their classic Don't Back Down album, this is Another Girl.....

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