Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Shop Fronts - So Sick

  I've posted quite a few Rip Off Records' acts over the course of the last year or so, it was a fabulous label with a very high % of winners amongst it's roster of garage influenced punk artists. Today it's the turn of New York City's Shop Fronts.

  Unfortunately they didn't hang around too long, 2005-6 pretty much covers their lifespan, but they did put out a wonderful self titled album (Rip Off 072) which I recommend you try and track down, as well as a split 7" ep with fellow New Yorkers, DC Snipers, a single entitled Don't Quit, and a follow up called So Sick.

  They comprised of  Jami Wolf ( ex Zodiac Killers...guitar/vocals), Paddy Bullocks ( ex F-Hole...guitar/vocals) and Tom Dash ( ex Primate 5...drums/vocals) and Alessandra Aliquo (ex Tie-Reds...bass/vocals).

  Originally a single on Noma Beach Records, this also appeared on the album, this is a great female fronted garage stomper. It's called So Sick......

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