Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Quaaludes - Stiff Little Single

"I'm Going To Take You Tom A Place Where I Can Fuck You......"

  Hailing from San Francisco, grungy punk riot grrrrls Quaaludes have been together for a couple of years. In that time they've released the singles She's Weird Like Us and Nothing New, and a self titled tape (all of which can be found here : .

  The female foursome comprises Aimee Belden (vocals), Morgan Liggera (guitar), Courtney Dragge (bass) and Susie Leni (drums) have thus far been growing a healthy following on their home Bay Area turf but are now getting noticed far and wide. Not surprising when they're putting out songs of the quality of this bass driven slice of brilliance. Originally on their tape, this was re recorded for Nothing New, it's called Stiff Little Single......

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