Saturday, 10 January 2015

Downtown Boys - Kids Are United

  Most bands do at least one cover version during their lifespan, many just bang out a carbon copy of the original which is a little disappointing but that accusation can't be levelled at Downtown Boys who did a version of Sham 69's If The Kids Are United that differs enough from the original to make it essential listening.
  The band featured in my top 30 songs of 2014 list with Slumlord Sal  and now they reappear in their own post with another killer dose of sax imbued politically charged punk rock. The Providence, Rhode Island, sextet are one of the most exciting new bands around and they've not only got killer tunes they also have plenty to say, mainly about how the underprivileged and the discriminated against should come together in order to improve their lot.
  The song, Kids Are United, came with Rookie magazine's interview with the band (you can read it here : ). Keep an eye on them, they're hopefully gonna be one of  the most important bands of the next few years......

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