Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Barbecuties - I Wanna Be On Mutant Pop

"I wanna be on mutant pop cos Lookout Records sucks....."

Today's song is by a band who hail from Germany and have been "sentimentally retarded" since 2001. Influences include The Ramones, The Queers, Mr T Experience and The Beach Boys so you won't be surprised as to how they sound, old school bubblegum pop punknroll  is very much the order of the day. Comprising of Hot Rod (vocals/guitar), Erguz (vocals/bass), Old Nick (guitar/vocals) and Han Solo (drums/vocals), they've self released 4 albums, which you can check out here : .
  A new album, The Barbecuties Go Down With Style, is recorded should be released soon, in the meantime, here's one from their back catalogue, it's called I Wanna Be On Mutant Pop......

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