Sunday, 21 December 2014

Solvent Abuse - Heroin Girls


  A band I don't know too much about today, not that they were overly prolific. Solvent Abuse hailed from Nottingham and were together between 1981-85. Originally called The Government, the members were Shelley Eaton (vocals), Jar (Lynda Sanderson) (vocals), Jono (drums), Gig (guitar) and Cookie (Graham Cooke) (bass). They got together after a chance meeting on a bus travelling from Nottingham to Watnall and bonded over a shared love of bands like The Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex and Discharge. I think their only proper release was a track called Last Salute which appeared on the (I've Got Those) Demo-lition Blues compilation though they recorded 3 or 4 demos which were released in 2007 on an album (also called Last Salute). I might be able to find out more about them and if I do I'll add it below.
  Featuring Jar on vocals, this is a classic example of early 80's era UK hardcore punk, it's called Heroin Girls.....

Don't take non of your junkie shit
Why should I get sick?
Kill your mind
See your brain washes down the drain
Sold your soul for the dole
Let it pump down to your soul
One shot more and you're in hell
 Heroin girls, let your mind go
Heroin girls, have you got enough dough
To make the last trip?
Or are you really sick?

If you had a knife
Would you take my life?
The world's a spinning top
Stop, I wanna get off
Will you live to 21?
Or as that fix really gone?

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