Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Devil Dogs - Baby I'm A King


  Top notch punk n roll today from New York City garage punks Devil Dogs. Following the demise of Rat Bastards in 1989, Andy Gortier (guitar, vocals)  and Steve Baise (bass, vocals) got together with drummer Paul Corio. Despite several line up changes along the way (Corio was replaced on drums by Dave Ari who was replaced himself in '91 by Mighty Joe Vincent, Baise eventually moved on to play in different bands, including one featuring members of Turbonegro) they released a string of rocking albums during the early to mid 90's. Their first album was originally designed to be a Rat Bastards release (produced by Billy Childish) but ended up a self titled Devil Dogs debut.
  Taken from the 1995 compilation 30 Sizzling Slabs! this is the coolest song on the block, it's called Baby I'm A King.......

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  1. I have often offered up this number as possibly one of the greatest rock n' roll songs of all-time. Still feel that way for sure.