Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bladder Bladder Bladder - U.S. Dole Queue


"All I've Got Is Work To No Avail
   All I Want's A Giro In The Mail,....."

  A song with a killer sing along chorus today. Originally formed in England but then relocating to Los Angeles they released a debut single, Down Town/Passport To Women in 1991 but it wasn't until they signed to Pelado Records that they really hit their stride. A split 7" with Dimestore Haloes was followed up with an ep called No-Go Girl. They featured on several compilations before releasing their only album, 2000's On The Job. Another 7" containing the songs No Control and Slots Of Fun came out the same year.
  If you like your punk rock catchy with a classic '77 sound you should check 'em out, this is U.S. Dole Queue.....

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