Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gulag Beach - Kim Nasty

On the day that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un returned to the public eye after several speculation filled weeks in which he had seemingly dropped off the face of the earth I thought it would be a good time to feature a song by Germany's Gulag Beach. From Berlin, the band are inspired by Californian punk (they do a version of The Bodies' California Republic which is renamed North Korean Republic), and they sing about the plight of the North Korean people. They're involved, along with LINK (Liberty In North Korea), in helping people who manage to get across the border to China, which is the reason they protect their anonymity by wearing masks and going by the names Kim HuPe (vocals), Kim Nils (drums), Kim MarCel (guitar) and Kim ThoMas (bass). From their recent North Korean Sun lp (named after their cover version of The Ramones' California Sun), this is Kim Nasty......

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