Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Toxic Reasons - War Hero

Formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1979, Toxic Reasons, like many other bands, found the going tough in those early days..... "Times weren't easy for the band in the early days living in Dayton,Ohio, a city in a state hardly noted for punk music,but the band survived .There were many days when,Ed,Rob,Bruce,J.J. , Joel, and Greg lived on ONE DOLLAR a DAY ! They used to pool their dollars to buy tortillas and cans of chili beans and heat them up on their van dashboard heater ! Gig money was just enough to fill up the van with gas . There were even times that they had to steal boots to put on their feet along with other shit . These were hard times indeed,and these guys paid their dues to be sure."
 Despite a few line up changes, the band persevered and released a sizeable catalogue of quality music, including this first single, War Hero.....

I don't wanna be no war hero
Don't want a movie made about me
I don't wanna be no war hero
Just get away from the madness I see

Ten thousand dead in Phenom Phen
Happens every day again and again
I didn't wanna come here in the first place
Didn't wanna destroy another race

Sent me over here when I was a boy
Taught me to kill with their government toy
Now the G.I.'s, they're all dead
And my best friend just lost his head


  1. Now your talking. This ain't no pop- punk. This is the real deal. Drunk and disorderly man, post that one mate..make it a toxic reasons day!!!!!! Hoorah.

  2. i've posted my toxic reasons choice, nothing to stop you adding your own favourite in the comments though. plenty more real deals to come, also plenty more pop punk, i like to mix things up. feel free to message me with ideas though, i'm always looking out for good songs