Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Barkers - On The Loft

Here's a band I know more or less absolutely nothing about, so if anyone from the band reads this (or anyone who knows more about them) please add some details in the comments section below. Hailing from Kovrov, Russia, they play old school pop punk, very much in the tradition of The Lillingtons (which earns them massive bonus points from me). They've recently released a 5 track ep called Girls & Aliens which you can pick up "name your price" here : . In the spirit of The Ramones, it appears they've all adopted the same surname (I suppose it's possible they are actually brothers though Barker doesn't sound overly Russian!), Ivan Barker (vocals, guitar), Andrew Barker (bass) and Il'ia Barker (drums). This song is called On The Loft........

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