Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Prostitutes - 1-2-3-GO!

  Kevin Patrick McGovern has already featured in this blog with his spin off band, The Inversions (and his all time top 10 songs will be published very soon), but today it's time I posted a song from his best known band, The Prostitutes. Forming in the mid 90's in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (before relocating to Long Beach, California), they released some great pissed off punk music and also drew a loyal following to their often drug and alcohol fuelled gigs. You can read some excellent in depth interviews with Kevin on Angelo Ruggiero's blog ( ). Fingers crossed there's new material which should be recorded very soon, until then you can check out their back catalogue for whatever price you can afford here : http://the . This is 1-2-3-Go!.......

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