Friday, 20 June 2014

The Filaments - B.P.C

  I think it's about time there was a great upbeat skacore track added so here we go. The Filaments were formed in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1999. Influenced by the likes of The Clash, Rancid and The Specials it's not surprising that they aren't afraid to mix up punk, ska, dub and even psychobilly. Renowned for their killer live shows, they released a couple of albums, Skull And Trombones and ..What's Next? before calling it a day in 2005 when lead vocalist Jon Fawkes emigrated to America. He didn't stay there too long though and the band were soon back together and in 2013 they released their 3rd album, Land Of Lions. From ..What's Next? this is B.P.C.

Benfleet punx crew is the name of the firm so dear to me.
You'll see them on the cider 
and keeping it real out on the street.
We like to drink with them and sing with them 
thats how its always been.
We spent our teenage years like a punk rock family.

Through all the party nights and pissed up fights, 
a lot of shit went down
But we always stand together, we're unified and proud.
Back to those early gigs we were kids, 
but we knew how it had to be
The benfleet punx and chelmsford crew in solidarity

The B.P.C.!(x3)


Done down on southend seafront, a DIY gig.
The BPC gathers and they're busting out the drink
there gonna have a beer and have a laugh 
thats what its all about.
And then it's back to Benfleet 
the hometown have no doubt.

Hanging out on street corners 
where its punx against the pricks.
nothing can confront us when musics in the mix
Nothing could be better than when I'm drinking with my friends.
BPC this one's for you united to the end.

The B.P.C.!(x3)

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