Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To The Ramones

I'd like you to help me out here and answer the question "what's the best song about The Ramones?" There's plenty of them out there. Personally I think the song I'm posting today takes some beating. Formed in 2001 and consisting of Dave Lazar (vocals/guitar), Dr Robert (guitar/vocals), General Wolfe (drums/vocals) and Baco (Bass/vocals), Dustin's Bar Mitzvah were from Acton in London. They had moderate success in the UK, releasing an album called Get Your Mood On and a handful of singles but it was Japan where they were most loved. A collection of demos entitled Dial M For Mitzvah made the Japanese top 40 album chart (as did Get Your Mood On), they also played a sold out tour over there. Supposedly one of those gigs (in Tokyo in 2006) was attended by North Korea's Kim Jong-un who was impressed enough to try and book them to play a gig in Pyongyang, they'd have been the first western band to play there since 1944 but unfortunately it fell through. They split in 2007 following the departure of their drummer and disagreements with their record label. They reformed in 2011 but aside from a free single that they gave away online i don't think they really got going again?  This is their classic tribute to the godfathers of punk, To The Ramones......

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