Saturday, 12 April 2014

THE PLAIN DEALERS - Terminal Darkness

You know when you listen to a song and think "that has a great beat, I'm not sure what the guys singing but it fits in perfectly with the music", this is one of those. Yobbish vocals transported from 1977 and laid over a pounding tune that'll have you bouncing round the room. Straight outta Cleveland, Ohio, and featuring a couple of members from The TKO'S, The Plain Dealers are an old fashioned (in a good way) blast of raw punk rock. This is Terminal darkness....


 "I stand alone on the westside in terminal darkness man.
Their midnights are passing my midnights forever.
Among minions of the Living Dead
Screaming and sirens and cops and the shots fill my ears.
And the runaway trains in my mind are as long as the smoke trails from war planes over my head.

The streets call my name and they wait in the alley , try to strangle me.
Every window takes shots, bullets go right thru my heart.
It's like a blitzkrieg attack, the bricks and the cracks, they try and end my life.
The people like me, we're the stones of the city man.
Have you ever seen a city retreat?"


  1. I didn't know all the lyrics and I've been playing this tune for over 3 years now!!

  2. they've promised new material soon :)