Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lipstick Homicide - Rockerchick

One of last years most effervescent albums was Out Utero by Iowa 3 piece Lipstick Homicide. Containing 14 tracks of spiky pop punk that demand you turn the volume up loud and rock out it earned itself a place on many best of 2013 lists. This is Rockerchick....

she had the cutest smile and the coolest band 
i wonder if she knows i'm her number one fan 
and all i wanna know is how a girl like you ends up with a guy like that 
please don't shoot me down i'm waiting for the time you write me back 
she's got a sweet guitar, i really like her hair 
but she'll go home with him it really isn't fair 
all i wanna know is how a girl like you isn't even aware 
you could give me a chance i don't think your boyfriend would even care 
you know he's really not that vital to your band 
he can write a song but not as well as you can

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