Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A quick word

I'm enjoying compiling this blog, it's filling up nicely with some truly excellent music. Obviously it's music that you can find easily enough elsewhere online but i don't think you can have enough places promoting the music I (and hopefully you) love. If your definition of punk differs from mine, i apologise, go do your own blog....it's easy and it's fun.

You'll have already probably heard a lot (if not all) of the songs on here, but if you stumble upon something new (or something old) that you've not previously come across and you find a new favourite band, then brilliant, the blog is doing it's job.

There are people visiting the blog, please feel free to add comments, maybe even suggestions for future updates but only stuff i like will be added. So if i'm not adding some great music, it's down to my taste not the quality of your suggestions.

I was undecided as to whether to just post new songs but if i did that, either i wouldn't be updating as often as at present or the quality would dip a lot quicker than it will if i also add older tunes, even the odd classic from the early days of punk. After all, a great song is a great song no matter how old it is, plus i'm probably older than a lot of you so maybe there'll be records you missed.

A lot of the posts I've been posting on the band's facebook page, hopefully they don't mind. It's in the hope that visitors to their page will check it out and find a treasure trove of similar stuff to enjoy and support (i can dream!).

Should i write more on the updates? If I was a better writer then it'd be an idea but it's the music that's the star around here, I think it's better if i just try to add a side order to the tasty main course.

Thanks if you read this far, I'll shut up now and get back to adding some more punk songs......

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